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To frame or not | Art Prints in your home.

Traditionally when we think of framing our Art Prints we think of a picture frame, usually wooden with glass front. However in recent times we have seen big shifts with changing trends and now displaying Prints in our homes has become more creative and fun.  Redecorating a room as the seasons change is common practice now so we don't always spend as much on Prints, although purchasing investment pieces is always rewarding. But with online shopping booming there is so much more at our f...

September 24, 2022

Creating a magical Easter

Easter gifting isn't just about the chocolate, it's about the experience. We're seeing more and more sugar-less gifts on offer and families finding fun ways to make Easter magical. What helps create the magic in your household? Is it bunny footprints around the house, egg-hide-and-seek, or cute bunny themed gifts? Below are some of our favourites from our website and local NZ businesses....

February 15, 2021

Tips for sorting your personal finances so you can afford to renovate

This is certainly not the type of post you would expect to come to our site to read normally, but due to Covid19 we wanted to make this blog post more personal and hopefully help some of our followers out. Below we will explain in a very brief and cut back way how we divide up our finances, which allows us to be able to renovate and purchase all our "needs" and the odd "want" for our home renovations. With the possibility of extra time on your hands during this unusual time you might find you ha...

June 16, 2019

Our Top 5 Nurseries so far in 2019

Have we mentioned lately that our customers are awesome? Well they are! And boy do they have incredible taste and sense of style. It was a tough job picking but below is our Top 5 Nurseries that have been shared with us so far in 2019....

June 7, 2019

Free Certificates to download and WIN

You might be wondering what Certificates, or Sports, have to do with Decor Handled? The truth is there is no connection. The Founding family of Decor Handled are just really passionate about children being given the opportunity to experience sports. As well as raising their 4 children, they Manage 5 children's sports teams, Coach 3, and volunteer on a Sports Committee, so know first hand how incredibly rewarding volunteering time to help children learn to work as a team while keeping f...

May 18, 2019

Ways to WIN in 2019

We've got so much going on this year we thought we'd share a few things here with you all to keep you in the loop. We've come up with a few new ideas to thank you all for your support as we are about to hit our 4th Birthday! What a wild ride it's been so far, and none of it could be possible without you lot!...

January 16, 2019

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

With Mother's Day only a few days away we've put together some of our favourite quick ideas to make it a hit. You might need something else to go with your Decor Handled purchase or maybe you left it till the last minute and still need to get shopping or DIY-ing.Although we use the word "Mum" throughout this Blog most of these gifts are unisex and perfect for who ever has taken on the role of "Mum" in your life, whether it be your Dad, Aunty, Grandparents etc. ...

May 10, 2018

DIY fun with Decor Handled's Natural Wall Handles

If you follow us on Social Media you'll know that as well as taking care of that side of marketing and Managing Decor Handled, including Designing and Manufacturing products, I have 4 children. At the time I'm writing this my daughter is 10 years old, twin sons are 7 years old and youngest son, the one we call "DHJunior", is about to turn 5 next month and start School.  I know how busy School Holiday's are for families but also how easy it is to run out of activities and start to get bored ...

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