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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

With Mother's Day only a few days away we've put together some of our favourite quick ideas to make it a hit. You might need something else to go with your Decor Handled purchase or maybe you left it till the last minute and still need to get shopping or DIY-ing.Although we use the word "Mum" throughout this Blog most of these gifts are unisex and perfect for who ever has taken on the role of "Mum" in your life, whether it be your Dad, Aunty, Grandparents etc. ...

May 10, 2018

DIY fun with Decor Handled's Natural Wall Handles

If you follow us on Social Media you'll know that as well as taking care of that side of marketing and Managing Decor Handled, including Designing and Manufacturing products, I have 4 children. At the time I'm writing this my daughter is 10 years old, twin sons are 7 years old and youngest son, the one we call "DHJunior", is about to turn 5 next month and start School.  I know how busy School Holiday's are for families but also how easy it is to run out of activities and start to get bored ...

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