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Mother's Day Gift Ideas

With Mother's Day only a few days away we've put together some of our favourite quick ideas to make it a hit. You might need something else to go with your Decor Handled purchase or maybe you left it till the last minute and still need to get shopping or DIY-ing.

Although we use the word "Mum" throughout this Blog most of these gifts are unisex and perfect for who ever has taken on the role of "Mum" in your life, whether it be your Dad, Aunty, Grandparents etc. 

Gifts you can purchase

Everyone loves an eco-friendly gift so if you were lucky enough to nab up one of our Expanding Coat Racks how about pairing it with a re-usable shopping bag. The one we have pictured here is from Rethink NZ and can be purchased from local New World Supermarkets and Fruit & Vege shops.

Our Minimalist Trays are great for displaying Mum's favourite decor, but also to use as a serving platter. You could bake a cake or buy her a bottle (if your old enough) of our favourite Blumond wine from Wuthrich Wines available at Countdown Supermarkets and selected Liquor stores... yes it's actually blue! It's not a phototouching trick, its got a delicious peachy flavour and is really this colour.

If you follow us on social media you will know by now we are massive fans of Goodness Skincare Products. They are NZ made, natural, and actually work! Available at Supermarkets and Farmers Department Stores Mum definitely needs some Goodness in her life. 

A Bath Pamper session is always a good idea. Goodness Products new Face Masks are both beautiful to use and you can team them up with their Evening Cream, a Magazine, Nail Polish, new Flannels (ours are from Crave Home in Auckland) and I'd throw in some Chocolate's for good measure.

Our Minimalist Plant Pots have been a popular choice in the lead up to Mother's Day. If your can't decide what Plant to gift with it below are our favourite Indoor ones that are easy to care for and can be found at your local Garden Centres as well as Bunnings and so me The Warehouse stores - 

Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus Lyrata)

Heart Leaf Philodendron

Snake Plant or Mother-in-law's tongue (Sanseveria)

Gifts you can make

If you purchased Mum those Shelves she's been eyeing up for ages or she has a space on hers, a nice framed photo or Print always does the trick.

You don't have to spend alot to get Mum a nice Print for her Shelf or walls. One of our favourite for Decorative Home Decor Prints is Prints Project who sells Printables. This means you purchase the file online, it gets emailed to you and you can pop to a Printer like Warehouse Stationery and get it printed the size you want. 

If Mums more the Monochrome, Typography type or perhaps travelled alot then definitely check out Gala Digital Prints who also sell Printables.

If you want something with a personal touch, how about painting some Brown Kraft Boxes from your local Emporium or $2 shop with some Resene Testpots to suit Mums decor. These boxes are really sturdy and great for popping things out of site whilst still having them close by and they look great!! If she has a giant Magazine Collection gathering dust then you can pop them away in some large ones of these, and don't forget they look good stacked.

We chose to do an ombre effect with these using two different tones of nude colours. Remember to purchase the Brown Kraft Boxes as the paint doesn't stick properly to the coloured ones and ends up coming off (trust us on this, we've trialed it).

Remember the simple things really count. Bake or cook for Mum, give her house a quick clean or dust, run her a bath. Simply letting her put her feet up for a wee bit is heavenly.

Here's a few more online businesses we highly recommend you check out for Mother's day-

Maiko Nagao - Free Printable Mothers Day Cards

The Lilybug Project for Mother's Day Printable Prints - and Free Printable Gift Tags - also check out her Weekly Planners while your there too

KPDesigns - Printable Weekly Planers and Meal Planners as well as really cool Plant tags


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