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Installation Instructions

Installing a Wooden Shelf Ledge

You can also view Installation Photos and Videos on our Instagram Stories.

Warning: We do not recommend Installing Shelving above a Bed. Should you chose to hang a Shelf above or next to a Bed please do so in a SAFE manner. Ensure your Shelf is correctly installed and only light objects that cannot cause harm are placed on the Shelf. As you will be able to see from the last photos the Child's bed is out from the Wall and the intended use of the Shelf is to only have 3 books at a time on it.

Mark the walls with a Pencil where you want the Top Back of the Shelf to sit. Use a Level if you have one to ensure the Shelf sits level where you have marked it. If you don't have a Level we recommend measuring from the ground up and then the ceiling down to try to ensure a level measurement.

Screw the supplied Screws thru the Shelf Ledge until the Tips are just sticking out.

Line the top back of the Shelf up with your Pencil marks, then press on your Shelf so the Screws prick holes in the wall.

Ensure to press by each Screw if your wall isn't dead flat to ensure each Screw makes a prick mark.

Next use the Screw provided and screw it into the prick marks you have made to check if you have hit any framing like Studs. You will feel an empty cavity behind the Plasterboard if there is not. (If you have hit framing then DO NOT use a Plasterboard Plug, just use the screw)

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