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Free Certificates to download and WIN

You might be wondering what Certificates, or Sports, have to do with Decor Handled? The truth is there is no connection. The Founding family of Decor Handled are just really passionate about children being given the opportunity to experience sports. As well as raising their 4 children, they Manage 5 children's sports teams, Coach 3, and volunteer on a Sports Committee, so know first hand how incredibly rewarding volunteering time to help children learn to work as a team while keeping fit can be.  

You know that saying "it takes a village", well it really does when it comes to sports. Most parents don't realise when they sign their kids up to Club sports that the Club's are fully run by volunteers and that they need parents to get in there and support them so their children get amazing opportunities. You don't need any skills at all, something as simple as sending out an email to the team every week with the game time is a massive help to any Club or Sports team. There are plenty of Free resources online such as videos on Youtube that McDonald's sponsor, online Portal's with video's, or warm up's like Fit4Football which can be used for most sports. 

Not all sports are supported in New Zealand and Funding is incredibly hard to get with most not covering Awards or Prizes. With this in mind we created these fun bright Certificates that you can download and print off yourself. For a quality finish we recommend printing A5 size on 250gsm paper.

So what's the catch? There isn't one! These are totally FREE to download! With the added bonus that every month we will draw a Winner from all the photos we get sent in or shared/tagged in on social media, and the lucky Winner each month will receive a free natural A5 Clipboard for their Certificate to be displayed on!


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