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Creating a magical Easter

Easter gifting isn't just about the chocolate, it's about the experience. We're seeing more and more sugar-less gifts on offer and families finding fun ways to make Easter magical. 

What helps create the magic in your household? Is it bunny footprints around the house, egg-hide-and-seek, or cute bunny themed gifts? Below are some of our favourites from our website and local NZ businesses.


Good ol' kiwi DIY at it's best. A quick google search and you'll find tonnes of different bunny foot print templates that you can cut out to create foot steps. Below is one of our favourites we found.

Activities for kids

From colouring in, to designing your own Easter eggs, to word finds, to paper egg holders, or challenges to get your neighbours on board for a window Easter egg hunt. There are lots of great products below all created by very talented New Zealand designers. Lilybug Designs even has SVG's for Cricut users.

Kuwi the Kiwi

Kuwi the Kiwi

Decorating Easter themed eggs has never been so fun! Last year Clever Poppy inspired everyone to think outside the egg shell when it came to decorating.

Her blog talks us through different decoration ideas, like sleepy eyes, animal egg friends and illustrated eggs. Don't forget to read her tips and boil the eggs first! 

We of course are completely biased in saying they look stunning displayed in our Minimalist Egg Tray.

Now we've mentioned boiled eggs, if you aren't that artistic how about painting them in a pretty array of colours. Pastels are always so much fun, or perhaps try some vibrant bright colours to capture everyone's attention. Below we've used Resene Paper Doll (Pink), Horizon (Dusky Blue), Pale Leaf (Pale Green) and Geyser (Pale Grey).

Gifts | Keep Sakes

Our new Wooden Carry Baskets make a gorgeous keep sake, use them for Easter Egg hunts then have them on display in the kids rooms with toys or stationary in them. We've got 3 types to choose from - plain, facing bunnies cut out of one side, and engraved bunnies playing in the grass. And to sweeten the purchase use Coupon Code HOPPINGMAD for 25% off!! until Friday 19th of March 2021.

Every little egg gatherer needs a keep sake bag to stash their Easter memories in each year too!

Too young for chocolate for their first Easter, then these make great keep sake gifts. Little Hugs stock the cutest Easter Book, whilst Just Sew Decor sew adorable Rapeti Pillowcases.

Then we move into those wearable gifts. Who doesn't love a special outfit for every occasion!

 Adorable with floppy ears there's also some cuddly gifts that need a mention.

Gifts | Edible

Edible related gifts don't have to be restricted to chocolate. Bunny themed gifts like ice-block trays, bowls, placemats and more are so closely related and oh so much fun.

Another idea is Easter cookies in a jar. Encourage someone to bake by creating a cookie jar for them which they only need to add butter & eggs to then bake (Miniature eggs are best for these we've found). 

Gifting in Decor Trays, like our Minimalist ones, or in containers puts a new twist on things too.

Gifts | Reading

Something to read and something to put those books in....

Kuwi the Kiwi is our favourite book series for young children. The pages are vibrant and the stories are fun. There are two favourite's we think are perfect for Easter gifting.

Gifts | Decor

Imagine waking up and seeing a cute bunny looking back at you. We can hear the giggles from the next room already when everyone notices the bunny has a bow tie on, or is blowing a chewing gum bubble.

These are digital prints - meaning you purchase them online and print them off yourself at home or at your local printers. Such an easy and affordable option.

This next one falls under both decor and keep sakes. Have you heard of Dinkie? He's a super cute featureless bunny who can be left out on display in your home all year round. And lets not forget the ceramic kiwi eggs as well which tie in perfectly with Easter. 

What about me?

Lets not forget the grown-ups & teens. Change things up for the teenagers, gifting bath bombs wrapped up in foil looking like Easter eggs is always fun! Or simply chocolate eggs with something special for them to do like having a nice hot bath.

Finding hidden chocolates around the kitchen is always a nice treat to discover as you are doing what can be mundane tasks like cooking dinner or making a coffee.

Have an eggs-cellent Easter, and don't forget to use the Coupon Code HOPPINGMAD when you purchase a Wooden Carry Basket before Friday 19th of March xx


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