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Christmas Wall Handles and Caps

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In time for the silly season we bring you our updated Christmas Wall Handles or Caps.  

Available in Natural Ply, White, Silver or Gold. 

Two size options, either 4cm in diameter or 6cm in diameter.

Please read the following option Types very carefully- 

The Removable Wall Hook option has a 4cm x 2cm x 1.8cm block on the reverse so you can attach a Removable Velcro strip (these are not supplied so you can pick your own brand dependent on your wall surface). We chose not to do Screw in Handles as we decided Removable is better for this seasonal event and they are perfect if you are renting so you can get your Stockings or decorations hung up.

Caps - We are offering these as Caps as well for fitting on 4 of our different products. So if you currently own any of them, or wish to purchase them with these, you can push your cap on for the festive season then remove it afterwards. This means you can decorate your House for Christmas and afterwards only have small Caps to store away and your other products remain up.

Please chose your sizing carefully as they are manufactured different sizes to fit on each product. Please also note that they are not suitable for fitting ontop of any product that is dipped with paint as they may scratch the paint off as they are a snug fit.

Line Up Handles with Narrow Long Pegs

Line Up Handles with Wide Short Pegs

Expanding Coat Rack

Regular Natural Dipped Wall Handle (please note this is the Regular option only, they will note fit on the Chunky ones).

Design and product are © under the Decor Handled brand

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