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Interchangeable© Shaped Front Panel (for Interchangeable Shelf Ledge)

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Interchangeable fronts means you can swap the front panel around. This is possible with our Unique © magnetic system! They snap securely in place and can be gently removed to separate them. They are the same system we designed and use daily to photograph our products.

These are extremely handy if you change your children's bedroom decor, you can easily switch these over between the Plain and other shapes to match. And if you ever swap your children's bedrooms over you don't need to remove their shelves and reinstall them in the other room, just pop the fronts off and swap them over. Changing shelving has never been so easy!

This listing is for Shaped Front Panels only, the Interchangeable Shelf Ledge needs to be purchased separately to use these on. Please be sure to chose the same length as your Shelf.

These Front Panels are ALL 90cm long and range in height as described below. If the option does not come up in the drop down tab it is currently Sold out sorry.

Scallop- 90cm long x --cmhigh

These adhere by the base to the Front Panel where you see a straight section. They adhere to the center of the Shelf behind it with our unique© system, which means you can hang these Front Panels upwards or downwards depending on the desired effect you are after as the base of the shape will always cover the Shelf Ledge behind. They come in several colour options listed under the tab or you can choose a colour from our Custom Colour Chart.

Decor Handled accepts no responsibility for the installation of shelves or any damage that may occur from installation of them to any parties property.

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