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Fixed Shelf Ledge 40cm, 60cm, 100cm long options

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Shelf Length
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Simplistic and functional are the two words to best describe this Shelf. Perfect shelving for a wide range of household items, whether you want a cluster of prints or a photo gallery, toy or keepsake storage, or kitchen canisters to laundry products.

Coming in 3 lengths of 40cm, 60cm and 100cm, all with a great inner depth of 9cm. (total overall depth is 12cm)

The front panel is 4cm total but sits 1cm above the inner shelf. (The fronts on these are fixed in place and can not be interchanged with our Interchangeables© range). This comes either left natural or with the Front side painted a single colour. Standard colour options include White, Black, Medium Grey, Blush Pink, or a Custom colour choice from our Colour Charts. If your DIY inclined then our Natural option is a good choice if you want to get creative with patterns or to specifically match your wall colours with paint you arleady have.

All Shelves come with a Hanging Kit provided- this includes Instructions, Gib Grabbers and Screws.

Please note- Some assembly is required as these are shipped semi-flat, they can be assembled with either a Philips or Flat head Screwdriver.

Decor Handled accepts no responsibility for the installation of shelves or any damage that may occur from installation of them to any parties property.

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