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Peg Shelving 90cm tall TRIO

Decor Handled


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Shelf Width

Our new innovative, stylish yet super functional shelving is here. There are so many uses for our new shelves, from bedrooms to kitchens, you will have endless enjoyment from filling the shelves and hanging from the Pegs (which our Clipboards fit on as well).

There are so many options so be sure to check all the listings.

**2022 - photos are currently being updated and a photoshopped version has been used to show the idea of what it will look like for now **

This is a Trio, meaning 3 uprights. These can all be put at the same height or offset at numerous stages like the photo. These measure 90cm tall each, and have 6 spaced holes in each upright (with an extra two unusable ones which the Screws for installation use). 14x Wooden Pegs are also provided. Shelving options are-

6x 44cm* wide by 13.5cm deep shelves


6x 64cm* wide by 13.5cm deep shelves

Hanging Kit is provided- this includes Instructions, Plasterboard Plugs and Screws. (please do not let children pull on or climb this unit especially if using it near to a bed). Provided screws can be screwed in using either a Philips or Flat head Screwdriver.

Decor Handled accepts no responsibility for the installation of shelves or any damage that may occur from installation of them to any parties property.

This Peg Shelving system is Designed and Copyrighted by the Decor Handled Team

* uprights are spaced at 40cm apart

** uprights are spaced at 60cm apart

Spacing for these has been planned for "standard" NZ Stud spacing for those of you who which to attach them to studs. It is not necessary as we provide Plasterboard Plugs with these also but they will be able to hold more weight screwed into Studs.

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