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Miss Swan Line Up Wall Handles

Decor Handled


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Miss Swan Line Up Handles come in two sizes, 30cm wide with 3 Handles (knobs for hooks) or 40cm wide with 4 Handles. The Handles have been dipped on the ends to match the Swan. They are the perfect spot for hanging favourite or treasured items in any room.

Line Up Handles come with a Hanging Kit provided- this includes Instructions, Gib Grabbers and Screws.

Please note- Some assembly is required as these are shipped flat, provided screws need to be screwed into the Handles with either a Philips or Flat head Screwdriver.

Decor Handled accepts no responsibility for the installation of shelves or any damage that may occur from installation of them to any parties property.

Miss Swan name and shape is 100% Designed and Copyrighted by the Decor Handled Team

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