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Functional Room Shelf - Regular

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All of our Shelves are designed with functionality in mind. The Functional Room Shelf however takes this a step further. It's been redesigned to be even better than before, with the possibility of choosing which of two ways you use it. 

The round bar across the front prevents items from falling off keeping everything nice and secure. This bar can be left Natural (unpainted timber) or painted in any of the Colours from our Colour range. Our most popular colours are our preset options in the drop down bar, or choose a Custom colour from our Colour Charts - please select your Custom Colour and put it in your Cart, or leave a Note in the Shipping Notes of your choice.

These come in options of either 40cm or 60cm or 75cm long. The generous measurements of this shelf's two different settings are-

Low sides - 

Outside measures 40/60/75cm long x 10.8cm deep x 9cm tall sides

Inside useable depth measures 36.4/56.4/71.4cm long x 7.3cm deep

High sides - 

Outside measures 40/60/75cm long x 9cm deep x 10.8cm tall sides

Inside useable depth measures 36.4/56.4/71.4cm long x 5.2cm deep

Shelves are supplied ready to hang. Holes are pre drilled into the back and back so that they can be used in either setting. They come with a Hanging Kit provided which includes Plasterboard Plugs, Screws and Instructions so you only require a Screw Driver to install these.

WARNING- Do NOT use Adhesive Strips, Velcro Strips, or similar to hang/install this product. This product MUST be installed/attached to the Wall using Screws.

Functional Shelf is ©Decor Handled. Decor Handled accepts no responsibility for the installation of shelves or any damage that may occur from installation of them to any parties property.  All measurements can vary +/- a few mm due to manufacturing variances and wood supply.

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