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Ladder Shelf

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There are so many uses for Ladder Shelves you will find yourself wanting one for every room of the house.

The Ladder Shelf is designed to be leaned up against the wall with no fixings, so its easy to move them around at your leisure. The rungs are recessed on the inside so the clean lines of the Pine uprights are not compromised on the outer sides.

Measuring 180cm tall, and available in two sizes-
30cm wide
45cm wide

The rungs centres are spaced 30cm apart leaving a gap of 28.5cm between them. The bottom rung is 50cm off the ground and the top rung is 10cm down from the top of the upright. And with options of a Natural* finish or Sealed (with a clear wood sealer) to please wood lovers, full sides painted White or Black, or Outer painted White (this means the 3 outer edges of each upright, so the inside where the rungs go in is left natural) there is one to suit most rooms.

Made by us here in New Zealand from Sustainable local NZ Pine.

These are shipped flat packed and assembly takes less than 5mintues with our included assembly kit and instructions. No tools are required!

Please note the Ladder Shelves are designed as a leaning storage system and are in no way to be used like a Ladder for climbing or standing on. Please supervise all children around them to make sure they do not try to climb on them.

* Natural finish means bare Pine, so no finishing products (other than sanding) have been used on this product.

Painted options currently Sold Out
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