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Functional Room Shelf

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Not only is the Functional Room Shelf a Shelf but it has a special hole drilled under the shelf on each side so you can hang clothing, accessories, and other such items from it. The round bar across the front prevents items from falling off keeping everything nice and secure.

The generous measurements of this shelf allow for most standard sized drink bottles (up to 7cm in diameter) to fit between the front bar and the wall. Options are-

40cm wide x 10cm tall overall x 9cm deep overall (7cm sitting space- between back of bar and wall)

60cm wide x 10cm tall overall x 9cm deep overall (7cm sitting space- between back of bar and wall)

They hang on the wall the same as our Wall Shelves, with a special hidden notch machined in the back of each upright side. A hanging kit is provided with them which consists of gib grabbers and screws, the notches then locate on top of the screws.

Please note- Some assembly is sometimes required as these can be shipped flat. The 4 gold screws (2 for each side) required to assemble the shelf are provided. These come pre-drilled and assembly tested and are very fast to put together. Please remember to locate the bar in the holes before finaling screwing in each side.

Decor Handled accepts no responsibility for the installation of shelves or any damage that may occur from installation of them to any parties property.

Custom Bar colour options can be painted, as well as an extra Bar to slot into the Hanging Holes under the shelf for a small extra charge, please contact us to discuss this option.

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