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Multi Hanger

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Our popular Multi Hanger is great for so many uses all over the house, such as hanging magazine's, clothing, jewelry, caps, blankets, teatowels and oven-mits, toys and so much more.

Only the top two side supports are fixed in one position leaving you the other 4 to set where ever you want them on the 3 rails giving you so much versatility.

Each side support and cross rail is 40cm long. When set up like in the photo a total of 107.5cm tall by 40cm wide is achieved.

These are shipped flat packed and only take minutes to assemble by sliding the poles into their holes and screwing in the 4 screws of the back Wall Brace. The Wall Brace then needs to be screwed to the wall with the 2 supplied screws (Gib Grabbers are also supplied incase studs can not be located).
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